Due Diligence, Sale, or Acquisition

Are you planning to sell your company, a division, or line of business? Unreliable financial reports and a poorly managed accounting function can reduce the price buyers are willing to pay by substantial amounts - as much as by 20%. When does this happen? When the buyer or investor has no confidence in the accuracy of the financial reports you produce.

Kase Orion consultants are experienced at preparing a company for an investor or buyer due diligence process. As your outsourced accounting team, we do this as a routine matter. However, if you bring us in in anticipation of a liquidity event, we also can prepare your accounting and financial records for a transaction and for a buyer’s due diligence process. Many financial executives have never experienced a "deal" and a due diligence process. Use our experience to your benefit to supplement your in-house team and help ensure you are ready for a transaction.

Are you planning to grow by buying new “add-on” companies to your existing business platform? A good due diligence process is essential to ensure you do not overpay! Kase Orion has experience performing due diligence, and as experienced operators of the accounting, finance, treasury and internal audit functions, we know where the due diligence pitfalls can occur.

Selecting the right team – the team with the most real-life operating and due diligence experience – can make the difference between a successful acquisition and one that doesn’t pay out.

Where do most acquisitions fail? After the deal is done, when the acquiring company attempts to integrate the newly purchased company into their operations. A carefully planned, pre-close, negotiated integration plan that is supported by the senior executives of both companies is essential. Kase Orion can lead and/or support this integration effort both pre and post-close.

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