Why Kase Orion?

Core Values

We hire and reward consultants who share our core values of empathy and loyalty to the project, the client, the client team, and to Kase Orion. Kase Orion consultants have the courage to communicate difficult information, even at a personal cost. They demonstrate consistent honesty and integrity across their actions, words, methods, measures and principles.

If you enjoy working collaboratively and contributing to the success of others, combined with interesting assignments, a flexible schedule and work/life balance, consider Kase Orion as a career alternative.

Life in Balance

Balancing career goals with family and leisure time goals is often challenging. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health indicates that recent studies have shown that “the workplace has become the single greatest source of stress.” Yet, work-life balance is important to workplace productivity and creativity, and is a major factor contributing to overall happiness on and off the job.

Client by client, we support your success through the support of our talented engagement managers. You have a safe “sounding board” to discuss problems and issues that arise on the assignment – a very unique benefit!


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