Talent & Experience

Kase Orion consultants are carefully selected for their values, experience, expertise, and proven track records. Each Kase Orion Consultant has ten to twenty-five or more years of experience in their area of expertise within an operating company environment. Our CFO consultants are certified public accountants, or have a comparable designation and education. They often have early experience in public accounting roles at leading firms. 

Kase Orion CFOs provide hands-on accounting department leadership, with the ability to hire and train the right staff, in the right things, and put efficient processes in place for your company. This means we get the job done for you at the best cost possible for your accounting needes.

Kase Orion CFOs also advise and support strategic initiatives, including helping you identify money-losing customers, pricing issues and potential strategies, and improved commission structures that will aid profitability. We help evaluate and perform due diligence for acquistion targets, develop strategic plans and cash flow forecasts, and help identify cash requirements and return on investment for new initiatives.

Our staff accountants are highly experienced in performing accounting transactional work, including complex bank and credit card reconciliations, journal entries and general ledger management, processing vendor payable, customer invoices, and collections.

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