IPO Deadline & No Experienced CFO

Due to an unanticipated departure in the finance and accounting department, client required CFO-level assistance to unify and augment the existing accounting team and prepare for U.S. GAAP compliance audits.

“Kase Orion transformed our financial function. We are grateful we found them when we did. Their team was outstanding and fit right into our culture without ruffling any feathers. They helped recruit high quality employees and we are now fully staffed and functional. They were dedicated, had a tremendous work ethic, and really “owned” the process. – I can’t say enough good things about them.” – CEO, fast growing company.

Client Problem - Fast growing company needs help preparing for IPO

Client Payoff

Kase Orion saved the company well over 50% compared to other alternative firms the company was considering. The Kase Orion team reduced other client costs by an additional $375,000 through headcount reductions and lower audit fees over the course of the project.

Kase Orion brought in one of its teams with deep accounting operations expertise, and the right combination of skills sharply focused on what the client needed. By the end of the assignment, Kase Orion had provided the client with improved financial reporting, a talented permanent leadership team, a vastly improved finance organization, and a detailed plan for further actions needed over the next twelve months – in addition to U.S. GAAP-compliant historical financial statements and new, well documented accounting processes and policies to remain GAAP-compliant going forward. Kase Orion left the client in a far better position for a liquidity event in twelve to eighteen months. All this at costs that were dramatically lower than what was quoted by other accounting firms.

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