Now Offering Outsourced Month-End Accounting & Financial Reporting

How would you like to learn the financial results much more quickly after each month-end? Would it make a difference in how you manage the business? For most CEO’s, the answer is a resounding “YES!"

We hear the frustration a lot from CEO’s – how can they manage the business and make the right decisions if they don’t have visibility into the financial performance of the business until 5-8 weeks – or longer in some cases - after the end of each month?

All businesses should be able to close their books, and report the financial results to the management team and the Board within 20 days at most from the end of the prior month. If Fortune 500 companies, with their far-flung global operations and multiple lines of business, can close their books and publish financial statements by the 5th to 8th working day of the following month, then why can’t you?

You can. We guarantee it. And, reducing the time it takes to get good financial reports brings many benefits and real cost savings to your entire organization. Learn more about this – call us today.

You might want to outsource the whole process of closing the books and providing financial reports to Kase Orion CFO. With our extensive experience, we can often be more efficient (and less expensive) than an in-house solution. Outsourcing your accounting close and financial reporting is one option.

Or, take advantage of our deep experience in creating efficient, effective accounting close processes that will result in closing your books more timely, with more relevant financial reports. Bring us in to help you redesign your current process, and re-train your staff.

Kase Orion will:

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